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Vanity Victoria Beauty & health tips


Took me a while to notice alot of certain things a lady should take care of, face & body. Taking care of my beautiful face and my body shape. 

6 tips for beauty sleep
  • Exercise (6:30pm)

  •  Bubble bath

  • Face mask

  • Relaxing music

  • Read your favorite book or sketch

  • Sleep early. 8pm

 11 ways to be fabulous


   1. Accessories: Every piece of accessory is the best way to complete the outfit. I love statement necklaces, it makes the dress or outfit 1000x eye catching.


   2. Dress up: It’s always good to represent who you are with your style, very important to be yourself. Especially for WORK, INTERVIEWS,MEETINGS, PRESENTATIONS, PARTIES


   3. Always be punctual: Work, School, Interviews, Meetings, Presentation, & if you have clients, or a business. It makes you look professional & serious about your job & what you’re doing.


   4. Eat & drink healthy: It’s important to take care of yourself & manage a portion of food. I eat whatever I want, BUT little portions of it.


  5. Wear your favorite perfume .Ex: Chanel 5. A perfume makes sure you presence is around.


  6. Fearless, Passion  & Motivation: Always believe in yourself, don’t ever give up. !


  7. Be sweet & spicy: Always defend yourself, don't let anyone tell you who you are You tell them!


  8. High heels: Everyone wears high heels no matter the season, I mean who wouldn't. Summer, Fall, Spring ,Winter. Make sure to practice to walk in them too.


  9. Be different, be unique: I love different, I like to  be my own stylist. They didn't invent Fashion shows for no reason. 


  10.Last but not least, going to the spa: It’s not bad to treat yourself . I like to gift myself , make time for you.


  11. “ Always have a fabulous day” Thank you for reading Vanity Victoria

Lose weight in just a month

I'm not a docter I know, so don't judge. This is just me, & it works for me. So I'm giving you some tips on how, remember you don't have too. If you want to laugh at my tips, GO AHEAD (:


ItemsWater, Yoga mat, Green tea, fruit, Gym Membership

  • It’s always good to drink lots of water, instead of bloating because of soda.

  • Try not to eat fast food, aleast every two weeks, make a good home cooked meal, serve yourself a certain amount you'll know you will eat.




  • Yoga, makes you relax, & the working out is VERY helpful too.


  • Eat fruit for a late night snack, instead of a pop tart or sandwich.

daily work outs

Some materials you might need is:

Running shorts , shirt & shoes.

Work outs

  • Crunches, works on your abs .

  • Squats, I do at least 100 a day.

  • Runnning for at least 20 mintues does you good, trust me you wil feel great afterwards.

  • Jumping jacks

  • High kicks

Well that's all I do for excersie, & with a healthy diet I am working on. 

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