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Weight Loss Story

The salad I eat before 5pm, after 5 I eat grapes with water or a starbucks refreshers drink that is only 35 calories(Very Berry Hibiscus Starbucks Refreshers Beverage) The drink very good for this Spring & Summer.

I'm so excited to share my weight loss story. Last year I gained some weight which happens to everyone. You know you're in college & you think take-out food is your best friend, not only that but I didn't even notice & I wasn't working out.

I started going to the gym 3times a week for a whole month in late May: I didn't see any progress right away so I gave up.

My mother said " don't give up because you didn't see any progress it normally takes 3 months!" I had also gotten out of a unhealthy relationship so by that I started going back to the gym in June, & I started researching healthy diets.( I didn't drink soda or eat fast , food for a whole month, only veggies!) Watching this video makes me want to get up every morning & workout like that. Inspirations are Lily Aldridge, Adriana Lima, Gigi Hadid.

At the gym I would walk 2-3 miles on the treadmill , stairmasters, would swim for a whole hour, go to the steam & sauna room (do the same til this day). I started to notice big progress in late September, went from a 165 to 140.

Trust me if anyone can lose weight, so can you. Never give up on something just because it doesn't show any progress in less than a week. Keep working hard, it feels so good to have a healthy diet & going to the gym. I love working out, it so relaxing.

Here's the fun part. What to do(stretch at home)


1. 30-45 mintues walking/runnung at the treadmill

2. Stairmaster, makes you sweat like crazy!

3. Exercise bikes

4.Swimming half or for a whole hour.

5.Steam/dry sauna room

On your days off or if you have small time, biking riding at the park is good.

What to eat( I don't eat after 5 on weekdays & then 7pm on weekends)

1. Salad(Chicken,cucumbers, organic romaine lettuce, tomatoes, little cesar dressing, & Garlic Croutons) I brought all these items at Walmart for under $15-16.

2.Fruit(put your favorites all together)

3. Oatmeal

4. Cook : chicken or steak, green & red peppers (not spicy) ,onions, with coconut oil.

5.Go for home cooked meals, not fast food.

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