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Morning Routine(Outfit Planning)

Having a nice morning with a positive attitude can not always be easy, but finding a regime was a must to keep the blog alive Now waking up by 6AM is a ritual. The first thing I've notice is having a organize space or desk gets you motivated, writing down your schedule on a board is also helpful BEST part is having a warm lemon tea or having a big cup of coffee to keep you energize for the day. I set up a day where I throw away paper work, magazines, etc I find it easier for me to wake up & do what I need to do in the morning. I've learned the hard way of letting things go, for me it's important to be organize & having as very minimal things on my desk. I created a photo shoot with the pretty little things I love to use & are a must have for me in the morning! Having the a yummy tea gives me my energy for the day or with a strong coffee by the way I am a big time coffee lover for life, then I write down ideas for a post or write down the outfits I will be wearing for the next photo shoot & the location I want it to be at, & the Colourpop ultra satin liquid lip is to keep my lips moisturize with the current lip product by Colourpop from Kathleenlights Collection in the shade November. See you next time my lovely readers, stay tune for The Fall must haves.

My Morning Routine kit(links below)


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